Research on Young Criminals

How do street gangs affect youth violence Does it increase youth violence likelihood How many of these young offenders are part of street gangs Do street gangs encourage youth crime

Objectives of the Research
The research aims to define the relation of street gangs to youth violence. Through secondary research, the study hopes to get the connection of being a member of a street gang to youth violence.

Importance of the Research
Recent news of youth killing classmates or school members continue to haunt the community of the reasons that motivate children to pull the gun and commit murder. While youngsters are underage, parents have the prime responsibility of what these juveniles act upon. However, it is fact that it takes a community to raise a child. It is important to know what leads to these killings given the varied paths that motivate a child to pull the trigger.  Shootings by gang members have increased as guns on the streets have proliferated. Drive-by killings are a direct result of the availability of firearms. People injure people guns kill people. (Fact Sheet. 2000)

The study hypothesize that the existence of street gangs in the community relates to these youth violence. While both parents of juveniles engage in work, a youngster is left to his peers in terms of understanding the many processes of growing up. Street gangs protect their members and create rules that youngsters abide. These gangs encourage protectionism and bullying. They have caused persistent problems in most communities. Almost all public schools have some sort of a street gang organized.

Should there be a direct correlation between the existence of street gang to youth violence, community members can look into helping parents protect their children against youth violence.


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