Crime analysis and investigation

Derek Cornish is the personality behind the idea of crime scripts. The concept of crime scripts presents a guide depicting any particular categorisation of crime as requiring a predetermined set of standardised actions. These actions are performed in a given order reminiscent to a play script.  The scenes are sequentially arranged in different stages of a crime. The criminals, bystanders and the victims comprise the cast whereas the tools used are props (Cornish, 1994).

On the basis of the crime script concept, it is held that crime happens after a series of events. The first instance involves meditation. However, different situations may play a role in the emergence of crime. For example, if an accounting system in an organisation system is weak, workers in the department may be tempted to engage in malpractices.

In light of the above, a close scrutiny of events shaping or precipitating crimes must be examined. Such an examination will raise vital information relating to the incentives behind crime. From this point, policy makers stand a good chance of crafting guidelines on operation of issues in a given environment. An early intervention addressing the steps leading to crime commitment is a sure way of reining on law breaking.

What Cornish proposes, offers a good opportunity of addressing crime and its emergence. It is a good guide which helps in the understanding of underlying causes of crime. Through the understanding of root causes, policy makers are able to draft relevant laws to check crime


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