Crime script and prevention of situational crime

The development of crime scripts of various forms may assist a great deal in the prevention of situational crime.  Movies on crime can be designed with appropriate setting and plot.  Thanks to the script developers for availing crime scripts reflecting the current state of crime that can be used effectively to reduce crime from the society.  The most challenging part is how to plan development of the resolution and abstractions processes required to initiate the intervention processes by use of crime scripts of different situational settings to correct the crime rate.  This is because the crime scripts exist in web-like form and this will require a great deal of time.

However, if a nation is sure to spend good time or energy to curb situational crime and achieve the objective, then it is worth considering the investment.  The way forward towards striking a balance between the resolution and abstraction is to employ well trained personnel on crime intervention and highly knowledgeable in crime script development to hasten the process.

Crime scripts need to be tailored to age groups and social settings to provide moral lessons more than terror and fun. Adult crime scripts need to be provided in the prisons and social places with great emphasis on the terrorizing effects on situational crimes like sexual assault, murder, suicide, prison violence among other.

In conclusion, crime prevention education must be offered to prison administrators and security officers. Counterproductive intervention of situational crime should be avoided.


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