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Q1 Given the advantages of script approach and procedural model, there are also associated challenges towards its application and use. Though it can be seen that it is a good way to establish grounds for determining criminal activity, it lacks the sufficient detail to determine culprits and associate the motive of the act. Similarly, there is also the condition of establishing false assumptions surrounding attempts to commit a crime. The basis for judgment relies mainly on given facts and hypothesis on what really occurred. Thus, these limitations are based on a particular events ability to create models of action and the associated complexity of establishing patterns of behaviour and its corresponding interpretation.

Q2 Analyzing the purpose of utilising these scripts, it can be seen that it circumvents in the value of creating a dynamic view in crime prevention. By looking into different scenarios shaping the associated actions in a particular environment, investigators can adequately establish a complex analysis of numerous options. Since the prevalence of crime can occur on various scenarios depending on available evidences, law enforcers can effectively appropriate prevention mechanisms and highlight possible actions to enact and implement.

To conclude, the application of script approach supplements crime prevention. It serves to complement its measures by highlighting appropriate standards and creating specific strategies to justify specific actions that provide a rather holistic view from determination to prevention of crime.


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