GlobalizationGlobalization refers to integration of economies, philosophies, technologies and societies all over the whole world, is a result of advancements in technology communication, infrastructure and transport .

Positive Impacts of GlobalizationImprovement of international trade due to un prohibited export and imports.

Technological improvement due to increase competition among countries
Increased human labour mobility due to un prohibited movement of people from one country to another.

Negative Impacts of GlobalizationWWeakening of nations economy

Increased weapon proliferation

Increased nuclear weaponsXXW Weapon Proliferation Weapon proliferation is the process through which countries acquire or develop weapons as well as the right to use those weapons against another country without any barrier Nuclear Weapons .Nuclear weapons mostly refer to bombs which obtain their force from the either nuclear fusion or nuclear fission and they are usually transported by a missile or an air craft.

Once released nuclear bombs produce a toxic radio active fall out, intense heat, a dangerous explosion and a blinding light.  , History of Nuclear WeaponsFirst nuclear bomb was exploded in the year 1945 in the United States by the Manhattan Project team

Soviet Union in 1946 had already put up a nuclear weapon program
By 1961, France, Britain, and China had already tested their first nuclear weapons
More countries like China, Pakistan, India, and Israel developed nuclear weapons as year progressed.__(c CR gTypes of Nuclear WeaponsThere are different types grouped in relation to their mechanism of operation and their nature
Fusion bombs
Cobalt bombs which are surrounded by cobalt
Neutron bombs which are designed to kill life beings living properties unharmed
Fission bombs.__ Example of Powers with Nuclear Weapon2United States
United Kingdom
Russia 33)Example of Upcoming Nuclear Weapon StatesIndia
North Korea Some of Countries That Gave up Their Nuclear Weapon ProgramsSouth Africa
Argentina   Causes of Nuclear Weapon Proliferation (Globalization
Increased nuclear threat
US double standards
The Iraq invasion by the United States has led to more weapon proliferation in the Middle East a 0Impacts of Nuclear Weapons on the Global Society11lIncreased insecurity
Destruction of property
Chronic diseases due to released toxic radioactive

Measures put in place to prevent nuclear weapon proliferationNon-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in the year 1968
Multilateral treaties and their verification mechanisms
National and Internationally coordinated export controls
Cooperative threat-reduction programs
Prohibition of illegal procurement activities
Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) An agreement that was developed in 1960 to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons.

For nuclear weapon states signing the treaty meant that they would not assist other states to acquire the weapons

For non nuclear states signing the treaty meant that  they would not acquire or develop nuclear


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