The US Police Interview Rooms

The US interview Room is a complete room with furniture and adjoining room areas. The room is functional and spacious, easy to roam around to set up your interrogations and scenes. The interview room has a main office and a complete backroom and bathroom area. The Interview Room can also be used as secured military planning room. Most of the elements are important props that the police need for their scene. The interrogation set includes 3 PZ3 files (Inbau, 2004). The classical interrogation manual Criminal Interrogation and Confessions states that the interview room is a small, soundproof area with only 3 chairs (one for the suspect, two for detectives) and a desk. This kind of environment creates a sense of unfamiliarity, exposure and isolation, increasing the suspects get me out of here feeling throughout the interviewinterrogation. Today, the modern interview room has building props including the actual interrogation room building, the front wall, ceiling, door bath.

The room contains furniture such as bulletin board, TP roll, sink, video camera, file cabinet, medicine cabinet, and phone, sink and chairs for meeting and planning purposes (Anscombe, 2007). Digital recorders, microphones and high-resolution cameras are also included to record the proceedings (Inbau, 2004). This can improve the quality of recorded interviews, depositions, interrogations, uc operator debriefings, and polygraph examinations. The psychological manipulation is made by detective before the suspect opens his mouth. The manual presents that the suspect should be located in an uncomfortable seat, out of reach of any thermostats or light switches setting up a dependence feeling and furthering his discomfort. A one-way mirror can also be added to the room, because it elevates the anxiety and allows other detectivesofficer located outside the interview room to watch the process and aid the interrogator observe which techniques are effective and which arent. The police officer encourages the suspect to talk about the crime and have at least two people to witness the confession. There may be more then one police interrogators or detectives, depending on the situation and preparation (Anscombe, 2007).


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