Multicultural Issues in Criminal Justice

This essay covers the multicultural issues in criminal justice in the United States of America.  It entails answers to questions which are well explained.

Explain how the main four core values of the early White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) impacted the attitude of intolerance toward the non-active core in America today.

Dominant values passed down from one generation to another, help to determine the political, social, personal and economic behaviors of the people in a country.  The four core values of the White Anglo Saxon Protestants impacted the attitude of intolerance towards the non-active core in America in various ways.  The Americans are able to typically support weak immigration programs and controls. For instance, they have the affirmative actions and bilingual education that provide privileges to immigrant and minor groups.  The cultural values in America are generalized but in some situations they allow exceptions to the values.  Moreover, the Americans had the need to feel that each one of them was a member of one large family due to the fact that individualism was over emphasized.  This is evident during their public holidays as they come together and celebrates their strength and unity.  They uphold patriotism which they refer to as their Civic religion.  Many immigrants are fanatics of the United States and they allege, with full support from the Americans.  They have also come up with programs that integrate and assimilate minority cultures.  They also have a culture of willingness to take risks which they have upheld since time immemorial.  This has led to success in every arena of their businesses since they endeavor to get the best results.    This has encouraged many immigrants to take their children to schools in the United States so that they can attain the best skills to work everywhere. This, they have tolerated despite the fact that it has some negative effects. However, there has been an over emphasis on competition and individualism, which has caused strained relationship all over due to lack of  brotherhood and oneness.  This has caused many married couples to divorce and unhealthy competition among the citizen.  The impact of these two issues, has led to poor social and economic performance respectively.

Identify and discuss the common bonds of hate groups.  Explain the historical origins of one of the hate groups discussed in this course.

Hate is a complicated subject to comprehend.  However, it is said that hate could be rational or irrational depending on what inspires it.  For instance rational hate is inspired by unjust acts. The most common bonds of irrational hate groups are religion, race, ethnicity, national origin or sexual orientation.  Hate acts as a mask against personal insecurities and therefore the more the insecurities the bigger the mask of hate.  This is the reason as to why groups of people who have the same insecurities about their race, religion, nationality among others bring about ethnic humor and racial barbs since they want to have a sense of self-worth by disregarding others.  For instance, there was a hate group known as the Skinhead.  This group was established in Southern California in 1992.  The group was made up of young uneducated white males who were aged between thirteen and twenty four years.  The members had no prospects of long term success since they had come from dysfunctional and single-parent families although few were exceptions.  The members insecurities were due to lack of supervision by their parents.  The groups had no good leadership.  It further divided into two groups which were hate and criminally motivated respectively. The criminally motivated group was involved in for-profit hate criminal activities which included burglaries and selling drugs. Conversely, the hate-motivated group hated crime but they committed petty crimes to support their daily need.  For instance, the Nazi Low Riders (NLR) group which was located in Lancaster California was a hate motivated group.  The members of the group spent most of their time in the streets looking for minorities like African-American and killing them.  No matter how many of them were arrested and regardless of how many times they were arrested, the group still continued with their hate criminal activities.  They did not work in multiracial places, they took drugs, they tattooed their bodies with hate messages and they sought out hate targets so that they could attack them.  They aspired to die young violent deaths.

Discuss the Status of the African and Asia Americans as professional in the field of Criminal Justice.  Discuss the part of the system which seems to employ each of these races more prevalent.

In the early days, the Americans did not want to allow the minority groups amongst them to take part in running their countrys affairs.  This was due to their insecurities which were caused by diversity and the fact that they looked down upon them.  This has not changed much at present.  It is evident that the criminal justice systems current form is of tribal warfare.  There is a lot of racism which has bore fear and hatred since the African and Asia American are not yet getting to work comfortably at any posts.  This has been enabled by the immigration policies which are exclusionary.  The African Americans are considered an inferior group while the Asian Americans cannot assimilate.  In order to give delegation first there were definition and separation of the races.  This was brought about by believing that the minorities were the victims and still the perpetrators of the crimes.  Therefore, today they are still not confident enough about them handling their assignments as judges and lawyer perfectly.  An individuals race forms a base upon which any rulings are made hence the era of white supremacy.  It is criminal law adjudication as well as its enforcement that shape what it is all about being Africa and Asia American in the United States of America.  However, this has not stopped many ambitious and determined female and male Asian and African Americans from taking great leadership positions in the country including in the criminal justice system.  For instance, there are blacks who are employed as judges, police chiefs and prison wardens.  Despite the fact that they allow the Asian and African Americans to carry out professional duties, they put restrictions. For instance, those working as judges face prosecutorial restrictions placed on them by the system. This means that they are never in full control of their duties since they are indirectly monitored and controlled.

Explain what the terms primary and secondary victimization mean and how homosexuals are particularly susceptible to these type of victimization.  Discuss why the gay panic defense is becoming more prevalent in court room cases involving victimization of gays.

Primary victimization is the individualized victimization of a group or a single person by being target for victimization. For instance, it may be inform of physical pain or rape. Secondary victimization also referred to as post crime victimization is the further victimization of a victim after they go through original form of victimization.  It is mostly done by frontline professionals, institutions, societies or individuals in response to the victim of the crime. For instance, a victim may face isolation, deployment, murder or may be disowned.  Homosexuals face multiple levels and forms of victimization since they are considered criminals.  This is evident in all sectors of the society.  For example, when one declares himself a homosexual or is suspected to be a homosexual in their work place they can be forced to quit their jobs and may be evicted from the company house. This is due to the fact that homosexuality is viewed as an unnatural lifestyle as well as unethical behavior.  Therefore, anyone who involves himself in such behavior is treated as an outcast and a non-member of the society.  Moreover, one may be denied access to public accommodation or services due to anti-gay attacks formed to bring homosexuality to an end. The government has done very little to protect homosexuals from victimization since the systems of criminal justice sidelines them.  This has encouraged the mistreatment of homosexuals because even though they file case against those who victimize them, the cases will be ruled in favor of the people who victimized them.  Further, all religions are against the issue of homosexuality since it is considered an offence against oneself and their deity.  This means that they are not allowed to take part in any religious activities unless they denounce their life styles and adopt the beliefs and behaviors acceptable by their various religions.

Even though gay panic defense fails more times than it becomes a success, its use as a defense strategy has increased in cases of victimization against gay transgender women and men. This is because, many people who commit violent acts against the gay give reasons that are partial justification for their acts which may prompt the judge to give them softer sentences or even find them not guilty. For instance they may claim that it was for self defense or they were provoked to act the way they did against the gay person. However, this strategy has been found to reinforce gay victimization which has caused judges to shun giving it an ear since the testimonies gotten from the people are inadmissible.  They therefore consider it just perfect for the original case rather than the present ones.


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