Womens Fight for Just and Fair Arena (Reflection on Lees Women speak out carnal knowledge Rape on trial)

Since time immemorial, women have been the subject for the wide discrimination in our society in terms of social responsibilities and obligations, social status, morality, sexuality and the like. This situation has been much attributed to the condition of women as less superior than men.

Society dictates that women should be considered as less superior than men because of the roles that they had been portrayed in the community ever since from the start of the early civilisation (Corsini et. al., 2007). Even in the creation of the Almighty Creator, women are created after the existence of men (Kvam et.al., 1999). In fact, women were created from the flesh of the men with the aim to accompany and serve the latter in the world (Kvam et.al., 1999). This is much associated with the inferiority of the women to the men. The Bible even says that women should submit themselves to their husband as dictated by the laws of the God.  

With such early traditions and cultures from the creation of the women to the early development of civilisation, women are perceived as inferior human being not only with regards to rights and responsibilities but also with regards to morality and sexuality. People in the past and even in the present time have this notion that women are less socially active, morally upright and responsible individuals. This is the reason why they are often misunderstood and misjudged in the society. Their capabilities are often miscalculated and underestimated.

This incident mostly resulted to the unjust and unfair treatment to the women in terms of the rights and responsibilities as human beings. There are many instances wherein women are abused but there were no clear resolutions done to make justice for their rights as humans.  

Nevertheless, along with the advancement and modernity of todays world, this preconceived notion about women is gradually diminishing. Women have proven that they can actually have a good fight and fair share with the strengths, knowledge and abilities of the men. Many women today are indeed making greater heights in the different fields which adds to the falsification of the conceived inferiority of the women in the eyes of the world.

But then again, eventhough women can do really impeccable acts as of the men women are still women in terms of physical strength. They are still abused not only physically but also sexually and morally. With this, there is indeed a need for a reform that will protect womens rights from the abusive and monstrous breast of the world.

Sue Lees Women speak out carnal knowledge Rape on trial discusses the perfect solution for the agonies of the women with regards to imbalances on judicial processes. This further stresses that women should have the voice for their protection against abuse and sexual harassment. Various reforms were also tackled to create a system that will provide justice for the women who became victims without jeopardising the rights of the defendants (Lee, 2002).

Women as less superior creation as perceived by the society
Since society has already formed a preconceived notion about the weak personality of the women, it is often considered that they are less superior to men. This is thus the reason why they are likewise subjected to abuse and maltreatment in the society. Men are also abused but it is a very rare case compared to the situations of the women.

Considering the creation of the women in the religious perspective, Eve was created out of the bone and flesh of Adam (Kvam et.al., 1999). This way of creating the women by the very hands of the Ultimate creator has a significant meaning to the role of the men and women in the society. Because Eve was created from the flesh of Adam, it is believed that women are to be submitted to the power of the men. The Bible proves that women should submit herself to the men as such they are being created because of the latter. Eve was made by the Lord because Adam was lonely in the Garden of Eden (Kvam et.al., 1999). Eve was tasked to accompany Adam so that Adam will no longer be lonely together with the other creations in the world. This clearly explains about the superiority of the men over the women. Hence, it can be deducted that the notion about the roles of the women in the society indeed comes from the early portrayal of the women in the Bible.

Another proof of the inferiority of the women in the society is the early conception of the roles and responsibilities of the women in the community. During the early times, women are indeed limited to many tasks as they were only perceived to be the servant of the males in the house. Women are the ones who were cooking, washing the dishes, preparing the food, washing the clothes, and the like during the early times (Vivante, 1999). Men are the ones who are working for the family. Men are the ones who are assuming posts in the society (Vivante, 1999). Through this, it can be deducted that women are less superior because they were not given chance to assume tasks in the politics and society.

Thus, it cannot be denied that people are not to be blamed about their negative conception to the women. Women are perceived to be weak because early traditions and civilizations dictated such built notion about the women.          

On speaking carnal knowledge as a way of empowering the women
Sue Lees Women speak out carnal knowledge Rape on trial greatly suggests about the courage and open-mindedness of the women with regards to talking issue on sexual intercourse and rape incidents (Lee, 2002).

One of the problems of the women why they are abused and no justice was served is their courage to talk about what happened to them during the abuse. Some chose to remain silence and forget the incident because of their fear not only on the person who did them the abuse but also about what the other people will say on their current situation. Some even considered that it is a shame if they will tell to somebody that they are victims of sexual abuse by an abusive man.

Nevertheless, it is proven that by taking courage to talk about the issue, the case has a greater chance to be resolved. Likewise, through the courage of the women, they will not only help the authorities to put justice to their case but also they help for the healing of their inner identity (Lee, 2002). If the women will share what happened to them, there is a great possibility that they would also unleash the bad experience that they had during the abuse or act of sexual harassment. Hence, it is an advantage if the women will have the courage to talk about the abuse so that there would be great solution for their encountered problems.

Talking about sexual harassment happened to a woman, on the other hand, could be a source of mockery and prejudice to that particular individual. It is a natural phenomenon in the community that a victim of a rape case often serves as the subject of criticism since sexual issue is a very big issue especially when morality is at stake. Though it is not the mistake of the woman to be involved to such case, people will always put the blame not only to the accused but also to the victim.

The awareness on carnal knowledge as the source of sexual abuses
It is observed that the knowledge of the people to the sexual issues is one of the catalysts that trigger the case of rape and sexual abuse among the many women of the present generation.

Studies revealed that because of the early awareness of the children to sexual thing brought about by media and television, the rate of rape case is quickly increasing (Kinnear, 2007). This means that because of the knowledge of the people to the sexual intercourse, they are being urged to do it even in the wrong way. This is the start of the sexual abuses and rape cases in the community. Therefore, the awareness on carnal knowledge is also disadvantageous to the people. Because of the curiosity of the people to sexual exploration, sometimes, their desire ends to sexual abuse and harassment.

Furthermore, it is also observed that rape cases occur because of the fault on the part of the women. Men get attracted with the women because and committed sexual abuse because women play significant contribution to the temptation (Warner, 2009). For instance, some men are attracted and convinced to abuse woman because that woman has a daring appearance and clothing.

Then it is the obligation of the women to become conservative and decent with the way of their clothing so that the incidents of sexual abuse will most likely to be lessen.  This means that the initiative should come also to the part of the women so that they will not be humiliated and abused. It is true that the empowerment of the women comes from their initiative as well as their involvement to abuse and harassment.      

Empowering women for justice and fairness
As the world rapidly advances to modernity and development, there should be changes in our old traditions and concepts which are indeed not relevant and useful anymore in our progressive community.

Today, women are more active and participative in the community in terms of social, political, religious and moral aspects. Because of this, the preconceived notion about the womens inferiority is gradually diminishing. Women are now participating in the political activities of the community. In fact, in some countries, there are women who are assuming the highest seat in the land. Unlike before, women have now place in the political arena of the society (Samanta, 1999). Likewise, women have also their fair share in the development of the community by actively participating to social work and other related tasks (Donaweth  Seeff, 2000). There are women now who are the main earner that bring and provide the basic needs of the family (Brouwer, 2002). Women indeed have found their perfect place in the different fields in the society.

However, it is still not enough to make the women more empowered considering the kind of society we have today. Women should be more equipped with courage and strength so that they could solve issues like sexual abuse and harassment (Lee, 2002). Women could indeed achieve the highest form of justice and fairness if and only if they would have the voice to fight for their rights as human beings.

And by doing this, they could also eradicate the bad conception to women which started even before the modern civilization. By exhibiting firm and powerful voice for justice and fairness, women could be empowered more and they could etch their own identity, which is far away from the notion before, in this fast changing and advancing world.


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